Hatchett Job

I think I’ve had a crush on Judge Hatchett ever since I saw her in a sleek cocktail dress on the NAACP awards on TV. Ron and I like to watch her totally unload on delinquent kids and parents. I love her opening sequence of her show where she says: ‘Don’t make me get off this bench.’ And last week she unleashed on a teen skank with: ‘Get her out of here before I jump down and slap her.’ I also feel there is a lot of heart behind her interventions – aka ‘reality checks’. She staged a drug bust on this asshole kid who mumbled through his harelip that he might indeed change his ways.

Ron and I re-rented Margaret Cho’s movies the past two nights. She is just so damned funny. I find different things funny each time – this time when she says ‘I wanted to be thin like The Friends. WHY CAN’T I BE THE FRIENDS!’

We also rented Swimfan which is as awful as you’ve imagined. It was bad. Wow.

Also on the viewing list was Cecil B. Demented which re-awoke my inner artistic guerilla. I still have never seen any of John Waters’s opuses (opi?). I always read more about movies and theories than actually seeing them. Same thing with my hero, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock.

I have been very complacent lately. Lifeless. Apathetic. Sometimes I think I should go back on Zoloft but then I right a journal or rage and dis-satisfaction and I feel fine a few hours later.

Ron’s teeth-grinding is driving me batty. I am sending him to sleep at his own home tonight – between the snoring and the grinding teeth I can’t get to sleep. I turn on the box fan on high trying to drown it out – and I got the aquarium pump bubbling as well but it doesn’t block out the noise.

Group coaching at the gyms has been pretty pedestrian. I do have two gals that show up every week on Sundays and I have enjoyed coaching with them – need to ask them if they’d like to do some one-on-one work. Downtown has been a lot slower – people just don’t stick around for sessions.

Did all my laundry yesterday – it’s all folded – or at least the shirts are all laid flat. Today’s goal is get through all the email I’ve got backed up in my inbox and get the laundry put away as well.






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