Happy New Year

You probably think that with my go-go-go rockstar lifestyle that I am still recovering from a massive hangover. Ron and I spent the entire day in bed – and you probably think we had some sort of titanic tantric tantrum.
Think again.

Ron and I had dinner at Yoshi’s. Duck soup consumme started us off – I was a bit scared that it would be cold (I thought consummes were usually cold). I couldn’t imagine eating a cold soup with meat in it. It arrived steaming, thankfully, and had a wild forest-y taste coupled with the floating mushrooms.

After that came the loins. A small lamb loin with mustard and wasabi and a larger steak loin with a juicy marinade, asparagus and a few greenbeans. The two small potatoes (only two!) were fried to a crispy golden perfection I have rarely ever seen.

Dessert was Baked Alaska served insulated by a decadent meringue and slightly seared with flaming amaretto.

Very good food all around – I think Ron and I eat a meal that expensive maybe twice a year. We didn’t even have wine or cocktails.
We ate dinner early because I’d scheduled our dinner while Ron was still working early New Year’s Day and we hadn’t planned on partying too much. Then our out-and-about plans dissolved once we learned Ron’s buddy didn’t make his flight from California. We talked about going out around 12:30 knowing that after midnight everyone changes venue.

We stayed home! We watched some of the South Park marathon and then turned to see the East Coast drop the ball on CNN.
And we got sucked into 24. A&E started running the entire first season marathon that night. We celebrated New Years just as Teri Bauer and Kim were rescued from the safehouse and Rick was shot in the arm. We watched about four hours of 24 then fell asleep around 3 in the morning. We woke up around 10 and then I turned on the telly and we continued watching 24 until it ended around 7. Delivery from New Peking kept us fed.
Ron works early tomorrow so I’m home tinkering. And I am now sucked into the Sci-Fi channels Twilight Zone marathon. Just think, once we have digital delivery you’ll be able to have your own MASH, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Twin Peaks, X-Files or whathaveyou marathon whenever you want.






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