Had a dream last night

Had a dream last night that I was doing some sort of detox procedure – it was done at a hip diner in front of an audience. There was a large bag of thick liquid that I had to inhale into my lungs and hold in there and then vomit it back out – it was supposed to purify my lungs. I was so scared because I knew if I did it wrong that I would drown myself. There were all sorts of people gathered to watch me do this. The M.C. handed me the back of thick liquid (like a smoothie). I was so goddamn scared. I opened it up and put it to my mouth and felt the viscous stuff slide into my mouth to the back of my throat. My heart was racing as I over-rode the gag and choke reflex and let the liquid slide down my windpipe and into my lungs. I could feel my lungs fill up with the stuff and felt it move into my veins and my limbs. I held it in and breathed this paste. The audience is silent as I have to hold it in for it to work. My eyes start to water. But I know I can do this. I got it. I look at the audience and announce: ‘Next stop! Colonics!’ and then vomit the material out of my lungs and into a basin. Woke up a little shaken this morning. Not stirred.






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