Gwen Ifill Calls Nails Tim Russert to the Wall

Gwen Ifill Calls Out Russert, Brooks For Their Silence On Imus:

A lot of people did know and a lot of people were listening and they just decided it was okay. They decided this culture of meanness was fine — until they got caught. My concern about Mr. Imus and a lot of people and a lot of the debate in this society is not that people are sorry that they say these things, they are sorry that someone catches them. When Don Imus said this about me [several years ago] when I worked here at NBC, when I found out about it, his producer called because Don said he wants to apologize. Well, now he says he never said it. What was he apologizing for? He was apologizing for getting caught, not apologizing for having said it in the first place.




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  1. Joan Schramm Avatar

    This whole Imus issue amazes me. All these people are shocked (shocked, I tell you, shocked) to find out that gambling is going on in the back room.

    It seems a little disingenuous to me for the networks to hire Imus to be controversial and shocking, and then complain when he is who he was hired to be.

    What he said (and has said in the past) is indefensible. He should have been gone a long time ago.

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