Guns, Yours, Mine, Us and The Other

A non-American comments on US gun norms: “The proliferation of guns in your society is a symptom, not the actual problem. The actual problem is the ease with which you are all convinced that The Other is a clear and present danger to you. White people need guns to defend themselves from black people. Black people need guns to protect themselves from brown people. You need Homeland Security and the NSA to protect you from terrorist people. You need marriage laws to defend yourselves from gay people. You need to outlaw abortion & contraception to protect yourselves from female people. You need to eliminate food stamps to protect yourselves from poor people. You need to support for-profit insurance companies to protect yourselves from sick and unlucky people. You slice and dice your society into smaller and smaller groups, Us against The Other, until there is nothing left but Me & Mine against the rest of the world. You use preachers, lawyers, guns and money to divide yourselves against yourselves, and you call it freedom. You are a very puzzling people.”

Andy Wibbels.






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