Groovin' Friday with Beatrix Kiddo and Laundry Denial

Friday already. I feel like I’ve done a lot but I feel like I haven’t done anything. We’re currently trying to get all the courses scheduled for the rest of the year and ready for deployment. I think it’ll be fun for me to not be making all new content and simply focus on delivery. Only one of the courses needs serious updating.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the keywords class that I completed on Wednesday. It was fun and I got to talk about things I really enjoy talking about like traffic tracking and different methods for seeing where your traffic is coming from. We’re going to run the class again in a few weeks just to keep the momentum going.

I feel like I’m starting to hit a groove. I’ve got Super-Sharon further integrated as a coordinator and bringing her further into the biz. I had a very successful month last month but the trouble has been doing promo-promo one month and then delivery the next so every other month is a very good month. But as we standardize systems and timelines, hopefully this will start to change and there will be more smoothness to the delivery.

I’d tried to take a week off from the gym but it didn’t work. I could only do 4 days. I talked to Fred Hahn yesterday, co-author of Slow Burn Revolution, about his blog yesterday (he’d read Blogwild) and so I was quizzing him on his training techniques. His program comes from the research around ‘slow motion’ workouts where you do a 10 count up and down for each repetition. And you only do one set per body part. And you only do this twice a week. I’m skeptical of only lifting twice a week but I might try it just to shake things up a bit. He also says that anything related to fat loss is all in diet and has little to do with what happens in the gym. So basically I revolve my life around the gym, the kitchen, my desk and the bed.

The laundry situation has elevated to DEFCON-1. I am seriously hitting the wall here. I have no more man-panties left. I always smile when Ron calls underwear panties. I almost busted a gut when we were at Bloomingdales in the underwear section and the guy asked if we’d found any man-panties that we liked. I of course told him about

Kill Bill 1 & 2 has been playing a lot on TBS this week and I think the first movie is an expert study in creating, elevating and then breaking tension. And so much of it done with sound. Though it takes the second film before the real heart of the story is revealed. The second film lags in the first 1/3 and gets a bit too in love with its own talkiness. The Gogo fight with the morning star is really nice. And I think my favorite moment of the first film is right before Uma goes outside to fight Lucy Liu. She’s just gotten done fighting the Crazy 88 against a blue background of sillouette and the noise and carnage of the scene dissipate when Uma opens up 2 sliding doors to reveal the quiet, snowy winter garden outside – with a water fountain quietly bubbling. I love transitions like that. And of course, Ron wants to have Pai Mei’s beard. Every time Pai Mei does his beard stroke, Ron says, ‘Girrrrl!’ in the fey-est voice possible. Try it next time you watch the movie.






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  1. JB Avatar

    I’ve tried those superslow workouts – did it mention anywhere that most guys give up on them because they hurt so damn much?

    It actually made me not want to do a workout after trying it for a while, so I reverted to something more bearable.

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