Glen Greenwald on Chicken Hawks

Jeff Jacboy went on a tear about the term ‘chicken hawk’ and how it was a slur. Glen Greenwald responds:

Chicken-hawkism is the belief that advocating a war from afar is a sign of personal courage and strength, and that opposing a war from afar is a sign of personal cowardice and weakness.

and aiming at Bill Kristol

[Kristol] does not plan to fight himself, but rather, that he assigns to himself the courage and strength of those who will actually fight the war, simply because he sits in his office, protected and safe, and advocates that the war be fought.


“Chicken hawks” are not those who simply urge war without fighting in it, but who urge war and then pretend that doing so makes them courageous, powerful and strong.

Also: Does Bill Kristol scare the complete hell out of anybody else? Whenever I see him or Richard Perle speak I just can’t believe what is coming out of their mouths… such exceptionalist/imperialist bullshit.



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2 responses to “Glen Greenwald on Chicken Hawks”

  1. alan Avatar

    Heh. I thought Chicken Hawks were something completely different. 😉

  2. wilde Avatar

    Me,too. I think the terms used to be “hawks” and “doves,” re:warmongers and pacifists. But heck, what do I know? I didn’t know what the term “rusty trombone” meant until last night!

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