George Lakoff on Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism

Summarizing this Alternet article.

War On Terror

  • War was the appropriate means to stop terrorists (Iraq War was justified as a response to 9/11)

Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism

  • Global
    • justifies going into any country anytime
  • Struggle
    • does not evoke war frame
    • does not imply an end
    • may not have a victory – vague mission
    • dropping war takes the blame for failure away from the war policy, $200 billion and thousands of lives
  • Violent
  • if they’re violent, it justifies using violence against them
  • expect the US to use violence
  • Extremists
    • applies both abroad and at home
    • set up for the suppression of opposition at home
  • No longer associate the Iraq War with terrorism
  • Not see the failure in Iraq as a failure to curb terrorism
  • Troops can be brought home before the midterm elections without the implication that the administration is giving up on stopping terrorism
  • There is still a war going on
  • You can’t end a war just by stopping the use of the word
  • Admitting that war won’t stop terrorism and that the war in Iraq had no justification
  • If this is not a "war," does the president still have the war powers given him by Congress?
  • Karl Rove: "Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war."

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    One response to “George Lakoff on Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism”

    1. Arab Avatar

      What is the point?
      If it is a matter of cosmetic change, then it is doomed to fail…
      The right strategy should be based on sound foundations…Engagements rather
      than War, Understanding rather than acting blindly…and the readiness to differentiate between moderate Islamic movements and Jihadis…
      The American Strategy so far is superficial, reductionist and lacks moral justification…it has only strengthened Bin Laden’s and Al Zarqawi’s camps.
      They have to admit that their war on so called terrorism has failed… they should apologies to the Muslim world and start a new phase.

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