Garrisson Keillor on the GOP

Mr. Gentility tears into the Republicans:

Here in 2004, George W. Bush is running for reelection on a platform of tragedy�the single greatest failure of national defense in our history, the attacks of 9/11 in which 19 men with box cutters put this nation into a tailspin, a failure the details of which the White House fought to keep secret even as it ran the country into hock up to the hubcaps, thanks to generous tax cuts for the well-fixed, hoping to lead us into a box canyon of debt that will render government impotent, even as we engage in a war against a small country that was undertaken for the president�s personal satisfaction but sold to the American public on the basis of brazen misinformation, a war whose purpose is to distract us from an enormous transfer of wealth taking place in this country, flowing upward, and the deception is working beautifully. The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few is the death knell of democracy. No republic in the history of humanity has survived this.






5 responses to “Garrisson Keillor on the GOP”

  1. palochi Avatar

    Talk about your hitting the nail on the head.

    The question is – what do we do about it? It’s more than a plan of voting him out of office. There’s a need to change the mindset of a country which has become either apathetic or angrily divided over misguided rhetoric and shortviewed goals. If we don’t survive as a republic, we’ll have ourselves to blame, not just GWB.

  2. JC Avatar

    I agree. There is a need to get people to care enough about their community to vote and then to stay in the process of improving and changing things instead of throwing their hands up and blaming other people.

  3. thom Avatar

    wow… …. wow.

  4. J Avatar

    i luv gK and the article is truly brilliant. i’m glad you wrote about it; i’d have missed it otherwise! cheers!

  5. RcktMan Rick Avatar

    Andy thanks for posting this. I have linked to on my blog. Definitely something that people should see.

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