Frontline: The Meth Epidemic

If you can catch Frontline’s show on the crystal meth epidemic that is destroying the country from the west to the mid-west and is due to arrive very soon in the east, you need to. It is excellent excellent television and very informative – and shocking. Quick facts:

Remember Quaaludes? A guy from the DEA killed the ‘Lude business by simply finding the manufacturers of the ingredients and shutting them down. Fascinating. Of course when they try this approach with ephedrine – that worked – then with pseudoephedrine: all of the pharmaceutical companies went apeshit. That’s why there’s been so much movement at the local and state levels.

The amount of money spent on the crime, rehab, prison, foster child care and police time spent on meth is absolutely astounding.

And a great detective story to boot! You’ll be able to watch the full program online after 5pm tonight. Or you can check your local PBS stations. 






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  1. David Avatar

    Thanks for the tip. What would happen is there was no more meth? Surely crack would placate the masses.

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