From: Kevin Subject: My head's

From: Kevin
Subject: My head’s popping out of the sand

What follows is a current assessment of what stank in Florida from the
getgo. I was so appalled by how the Networks bent over taking it in the
derriere re their exit polls earlier this week I started watching Koppel
again after months of having my head in the old sand. Just rising up to take
a look around – me and the groundhogs.

After the disappointment with Network Chieftains and their News Directors, I
was stunned last night by BBC’s “exclusive revelation” that the State of
Florida hired a Texas firm to cull the voter roles of “felons.”
A private
contract to a private firm. Florida and Texas. Apparently less than 95%
accuracy was achieved. 22,000 African Americans living in Florida were
forbidden to vote because their names wound up on this list, that neither
the State of Florida nor the individual counties ever bothered to double
check by the way. Florida simply erased the names. It was an “exclusive”
story because BBC sent a reporter to Florida to talk to Secretary of State
Harris’ henchman for voter rolls, who agreed to the interview until he
understood the subject and had BBC thrown out, which BBC’s cameraman, there
at the scene, recorded. Most interesting. BBC then did find a county in
Florida which had double checked the names and the Texas contractor was less
than 95% accurate, so too a county in Texas (where similar methods were also
used) that checked the list’s accuracy, which was, at best, you guessed it,
a mere 5%. The State of Florida paid $4,000,000 for this service.

And I couldn’t help listening to Koppel again after BBC News (though last
night it was Wallace “sitting in” for Koppel) Last night’s show was about
the “death tax.” The current Rockefeller agrees with Gates, Sr., and Buffet
as too one small restaurant chain somewhere, who’s owner, a female, said on
last night’s Koppel show, her kids will get enough even with the tax and
that she wants the tax to stick, “why give the already very wealthy more
dough.” At no time was it mentioned that the very wealthy could buy up
whole states within a generation, and that’s why the inheritance tax was
instigated in the first place (by immigrants who wanted to finally own their
own land!) In opposition to the current inheritance tax was an African
American who also had a small successful chain of something somewhere who
was mad as hell at the cost of trying to figure out how to avoid said tax in
order to pass on his company to his hard working children who helped him
build the business. He also pointed out the “stats” show that by the third
generation less than 13% of original businesses survive because of the tax.
(Well, I think that is the point.) All agreed that the problem is the
“rates” haven’t been adjusted in forever and that’s all that needs to be
done in order to protect “today’s small business.” Plus, management of
inheritance decisions shouldn’t be so expensive. Just change those two
things to accommodate today’s “business market,” but keep the tax. End of

From my point of view at least, you’re up to date. Gee, what do you suppose
Jeb and “W” stand to inherit? I remember a piece in The New Yorker year’s
ago now, but only a couple of years after Bush Sr. was no longer President,
about how Kuwait had finally showered him and other members of his family in

Anyway, at 10PM, if I’m watching news, I’m watching BBC on our 2nd PBS
station, and damn glad I watched last night. Apparently, more “inquiries”
begin today in Florida. What I cannot believe is it’s the BBC breaking this






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