From: AndyTo: His webhost serviceSubject:Spyware

From: Andy
To: His webhost service
Subject:Spyware Installed?

Any requests for you guys to install Carnivore on your servers – is it already on? Just wondering what level of security we can expect.

From: Support

We’ve had no requests of that sort (thank god). I’m alarmed about
recent developments in this area of course, and have been following the
slashdot threads and other news articles regarding this. We would, of
course, do our best to prevent such things from happening but anything is
We do have PGP installed on user machines, and we can install GPG on
request, so if you’re concerned, you may wish to encrypt as many of your
communications as possible (if you use a shell based email client, mutt
works really well with PGP / GPG, and I’ve heard good things about
Eudora as far as graphical clients go).






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