From : Andy To: ______

From : Andy
To: ______

What is the ‘open relationship’ bullshit anyway? I think it’s just a crock of shit so you don’t have to be alone on the weekends. You’re boyfriends but it is open… to what? for what reason? till when? That just points out that things aren’t satisfying but the guys’re too scared to be on their own. As my dad says: ‘If you wanted this kind of bullshit you could go back to dating women.’

honestly respond to your proposition”….he writes back”oh I didn’t mean to
make it sound like that….I am in a relationship but just want to meet
other people and if we click….well…then…XXXX”

Then what? then you’ll break up with your no-good schlep and get onboard the ______ XXXpress? Christ.

???????????? isn’t this still a proposition? oh well…..

He thought you meant prepostion – you know: by for at around through near. Next time use a gerund phrase.

Then I called a couple guys (white guys hhehehehehe) to say happy holidays.
And some guy named A______(Bolivian/German/Itailian) wrote me and we
actually went out last night. No sex…I promised 🙂

Promised him, yourself or me? Why no sex? You gots needs! Both of ’em!

Hell just hearing the names of the guys you met makes me jealous 🙂

It won’t last, don’t worry. This is only because I’m going cold-turkey (?) till the new year. As soon as I begin again in earnest (Ernesto?) things will dissipate.






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