Frog Blender 2000

A frog in a blender.

Oh my gosh – I had forgotten about this classic toon from four years ago. An oldie but a goodie.

What are you lookin’ at? Wuss. You ain’t got the bawlz. No bawlz.

Frog Blender 2000.






10 responses to “Frog Blender 2000”

  1. Trunkguy Avatar

    My god are these things still online!

  2. Teja Avatar

    I believe that was the first flash toon I have ever seen. I saw like two years or so back when I got a flash book from the library and it was in the CD at the back. But I’m more fond of the gerbil series 🙂

    Microwave one is very much similar to the frog bender where you control the torture (uhh…)

  3. Allison LaPointe Avatar

    I remember these things I was 15 when I saw this I was in my frog fase and my brother showed me this and I had nightmares for weeks!! lol

  4. Blayke Avatar

    I used to love to do the forggie blender,,, ever since i was eight years old.. It has been 8 years and I still love to do it!!!

  5. rozi cole Avatar
    rozi cole

    i think it was arosios. it is terrible it was a laugh

  6. u suck Avatar

    u guys all suck, i dont know what your freaking problem is, go lick a frog, then kill it in a blender, what? u wanna go?just because wee are hippies doesnt mean you have to kill frogs, frogs are poor innocent cretures, AND THEY ALL SHOULD DIE!!

  7.  Avatar

    I hate u and I don’t understand why a frog. Why not a cat under a lawn mower?I do hate frogs, but a cat under a lawn mower would be more funny. please try the cat and I will write back!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Scooter Avatar

    Frog Blender 2000 is so cool if ses eney thing about it FU

  9.  Avatar

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