Hey friends… sitting here on a Friday afternoon. Have to help run a presentation in an hour or so and then have to stick around until 4:00 to help put away hardware from a meeting. Nothing much to report. I’m trying out a cyclical ketosis diet this week. Basically you eat no carbs for five days and then two days of carb loading then back no carbs. I’m hoping this’ll help me drop my body fat percentage. I’m trying not to be panicky or nutty about it but just focus on eating lots of proteins and fat and let everything else fall into place. I should be in ketosis right now – though it’s supposed to give you freakish breath and make your piss smell – nothing yet – but this is day three. Maybe I’m getting body-obsessive… I jsut feel like I’ve come so far physique-wise that I should go all the way. If I didn’t gain much more muscle and just dropped fat for the summer I’d be happy. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.






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  1. dad Avatar

    In the 1965-68 That kind of diet (The Adkins) was very popular.Throwing your body in ketiose is very dangerious because if you get the electrilites out of wack your in the er with masses doses of iv liguids.When I tried I monitored this with test strips that you get from the dibetic supply store.I tried that with running body fats is funny stuff..need to do serious work outs like NCAA ath…yes I have the tras can ,the speak and spell and the atari 2600 game the comuputer is fritzes…looking forward to seeing you this week end..we will not make you over -eat…just over -fun got tickets to Alison Kraus on my birthday…58 and holding….love dad

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