friday, november 2

Two dreams last night… one was that I was going to a wedding and got my hair cut and I didn’t know until I’d left the barber that I had been given a mullet. I was begging those around me to cut my hair in the back for me so I didn’t look so hideous. I finally got scissors and cut it off myself. Shivers. The other one was that Brian – the Big Man on Campus when I was in high school gave me his phone number to go on a discreet date. Gawd. Sorry, Brian – if you read this – I always figure people that know me will find this and then never tell me that they read it. Oh well – he’d be flattered probably. Not sure what Emily would say… she’d probably think it was cute and be excited her husband was so open-mined. I’m talkin’ about sex boy, what the hell are you talking about? I’m talking about l’amour, I’m talkin’ that me and Dot are swingers … as in to swing. I’m talkin’ about wife swapping. I’m talkin’ about what they call nowadays open marriage. Winchell: blow me.






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