friday, august 31

Sitting here at work – things are totally dead. No one is here. My boss even inferred yesterday that I shouldn’t even show up. But I came in to check and send emails. Worked out this morning. I hate doing squats. They suck ass. But I did them none-the-less. Probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow morning. Wah. Coaching with my practice client went well. I’d read all my methodologies and models the past few days and then just threw it all away to focus on being there with the client. She showed up with an agenda ready to rock and roll. I got a big charge out of it. It’s fun when you make steps towards a different careerpath (winks to sister). Sinister re-boots tonight with episode one – we’ll see how much of it they remember. Hee hee. Just got off the phone with another web design client. The ultimate goal is to get $1,500-$2,000 a site and then spin fifty clients a year and then be done. We’ll see. This lady is doing a trade of her personal coaching services for her site – I met her at the ICF conference and she has been coaching since the beginning when it was still somewhere between consulting and therapy. She’s also already got another referral in the wings. This might be a way out y’all. Trying to get some incorporation papers through next week so after my surgery I can begin my major major big-time mega-ultra-uber-business idea. It’s so scary and nutty that it just might work. We’ll see. I want to build it up over six months – build a business plan – spin it and sell it. We’ll see how likely all of this is in the current economy. My focus is all over the place this morning. I think I got enough Sinister mix CDs burned for the whole cast. If not it’ll be first come first serve.






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