Forget the Heartland

Forget that these folks blindly ignored all objective reality — and their own best economic and national-security interests — and voted for Bush. Look what they did at the Senate level. In Kentucky, they refused to use even basic sanity as a litmus test, and reelected a guy with apparent late-stage dementia; in Oklahoma, they tapped a fellow who wants to execute doctors who perform abortions, who was sued for sterilizing a woman against her will, who pled guilty to Medicaid fraud, and who largely opposes federal subsidies, even for his own state…. These are the stellar elected officials that the “heartland” has foisted on the rest of us.



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4 responses to “Forget the Heartland”

  1. JC Avatar

    I just really do not understand the logic of such voters.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    The reelection of Bunning, ammending the constitution and defeating Nick Clooney (He’s George’s dad for Christsake!) are a few of the reasons I’m now seriously thinking of leaving Kentucky for a Blue State.

  3. sam Avatar

    Why not leave Kentucky for the sake of leaving Kentucky?! 😉

  4. Scott Avatar

    Yeah, but sometimes their insane voting gets its right. Don’t forget Missouri elected a dead opponent for Senate over John Ashcroft in 2000.

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