Fits and Starts

I seem to have a 20 minute lag from my alarm going off to when I actually get out of bed.

The weather has been strange. 2 nights ago we had torrential downpour all night along with massive amounts of lightning. Yesterday we crept back up into the sultry 80s again and then this morning it is cool and overcast.

2 of Ron’s buddies are in town so I’m sure they didn’t sleep well at all last night. We had dinner at this absolute shithole Chinese restaurant. Out of all the Chinese joints in the 6 block radius and they had to go to this one where you feel your hands stick to the table and behind me a colony of roaches was starting to bloom. A Christmas tree, presumably ever-present, was on the counter, the wallpaper sliding off the sweaty walls, the napkin dispensers yawning empty, the cups Styrofoam… it was a real dive. I have pretty low standards for restaurants but this was really repellent. I’m never eating there again. Plus there was the smell of soil in the corner we sat in, I was guessing there was potted plant dirt on the window sill behind me. What a hellhole. They come all the way from San Diego and they want to eat there? I feel like I needed an apron made of Wet Naps. Though nothing beats the Korean place (a nice restaurant, even) in New York where a big roach – I mean 2 inches long – crawled across the floor and Eric’s Beau tried to flag down the server and tell her in Korean that she had pestilence – as she uses a chair leg to jam the thing into the molding.

Didn’t get to the gym yesterday since Ron pooped out on me.

I need to go buy more ink pens. That’s why I’m typing my journal today instead of writing it.

Probably spending an unhealthy amount of time online these days.

I hope the Democrats drive the Foley thing into the ground and get Hastert out. But I figure they will find some way to ‘take the high ground.’ I don’t think there is a high ground any more.

Oh wow. Just looked at the radar. We have a severe weather alert. I probably reload the Yahoo! Weather page and the Yahoo! TV listings three times each a day.

I started reading Amy Goodman’s (and her brother David) new book Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back. It is stunning work. You must purchase. I’m only 30 pages in and I’m already scared shitless.

The rain is in fits and starts.

Oh and everyone is on pins and needles tonight.






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