Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

(from last weekend in Nashville)

It is weird that as much as I love the movie Fight Club, I’d never read the book on which it was based.

There was a copy in my sister’s second bedroom so I was grabbed it and read almost all of it last night and then finished it this morning before I got on the plane. What I really respect is the intense love of the language of the book and how much of that idiom made it into the movie. The ending is different but still as satisfying as Ed Norton and Helen Bonham Carter watching as the buildings of credit card companies collapse. Other differences are the original source of the first soap and how the main character meets Tyler. I was surprised at the complete lack of physical description of Tyler. Most men in this country would love to have Brad Pitt’s body (either as their own or for their very own) so I was surprised Tyler wasn’t more fleshed out phsycially – but it makes sense and the book is surprisingly durable for being written many years ago. FIght CLub is one of those books I wish I’d written. The marriage of violence, crippled masculinity and consumerist rage were right up my alley.

I was also surprised to find that Chuck Palahniuk is an out gay author. He evidently is wary of being ghetto-ized as a gay author but it is refreshing.

I’d still like to adapt it into a stage play.






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  1. Tim Avatar

    Yes, FIGHT CLUB would make a great stage play (and a hot one ;-), in fact the author thinks so, too:

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