Fast Five is a Superhero Movie

“In each of these films, the characters can do things in cars that defy both logic and the laws of physics. And when outside of their garishly colored vehicles, they prove impossible to kill by conventional means: bullets never find their targets, explosions merely singe their clothes, jumps from preposterous heights simply piss them off. In other words, there is no functional difference between these guys and most of the Marvel Universe. They are, for all intents and purposes, superheroes. And so right under our noses, while an ever-increasing audience was watching, Universal beat Marvel at their own game: creating an elaborate cinematic-superheroic continuity, spanning a series of films, which would culminate in an all-hands-on-deck blow-out. What’s more, they centered their billion-dollar franchise on a pair of gay characters who use an ever-increasing series of cons, heists, empty dalliances with hotties, and dumb-ass-action-scenes as a way to distract themselves from the love they so obviously share but can’t admit.”

io9’s Marc Bernardin, Fast Five is the superheroes-assemble movie you’ve been waiting for (Sorry, Avengers).






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