Family Detransitions Trans Woman in Coma

A transgender woman in year four of her transition from male to female is hit by a car and put in a coma. Her family takes action:

The message came through from her family once she was far away: they were changing up some of the treatment protocols, for Melissa’s sake. It was going to be confusing for her new caregivers to deal with a woman’s name and pronouns while they had to take care of a “male body,” see.

If that kind of condition confuses medical professionals then they are assholes.

So they were instructing caregivers to call her by her old name, call her “he,” because otherwise it would just be too confusing to explain. They took her off the transitioning medical regimen she’d been on and started talking about memory reconstruction. Her memory would be heavily damaged because of the injuries to her brain, they said. There would have to be a lot of recovery, and it would just be confusing to her to bring up her transitioned life. She’d been a boy with another name for eighteen years, right? Wasn’t that who she really was, at the core? Wouldn’t that be more normal to her?

No, that’d be more normal for you.

Wouldn’t she just be better served by rebuilding her from the ground up, from the beginning, with the memories that seemed more normal?

via is a dream a lie if it don’t come true / or is it something worse « Questioning Transphobia.






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