Ethnic Stud Name Generator

Seyd (he blogs in English, Spanish and Hindi – such a show-off!) pointed me to Rum and Monkey’s Ethnic Stud Name Generator.

I turned out either Hernando Abrazo or Hernando Rodriguez.

I already feel ethnically excited!

I do wish that it would pick up if someone submits their last name and it’s considered ‘ethnic’ enough and chides them that they already are an ethnic stud.

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11 replies on “Ethnic Stud Name Generator”

  1. Seyd has informed me via email that yes cuero quiero means I want leather.

    But in Mexican Spanish it means I want that hot guy.


  2. I’m Javiero Beso. That sounds about as studly as a flat Pepsi, in my humble opionion.

    My favorite, provocative, foreign phrase is, “Chingame como un toro en la zapateria!

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