Ethnic Stud Name Generator

Seyd (he blogs in English, Spanish and Hindi – such a show-off!) pointed me to Rum and Monkey’s Ethnic Stud Name Generator.

I turned out either Hernando Abrazo or Hernando Rodriguez.

I already feel ethnically excited!

I do wish that it would pick up if someone submits their last name and it’s considered ‘ethnic’ enough and chides them that they already are an ethnic stud.






11 responses to “Ethnic Stud Name Generator”

  1. Andy Avatar


    ‘I want leather’?

  2. Andy Avatar

    Seyd has informed me via email that yes cuero quiero means I want leather.

    But in Mexican Spanish it means I want that hot guy.


  3. Jef Avatar

    I’m Javiero Beso. That sounds about as studly as a flat Pepsi, in my humble opionion.

    My favorite, provocative, foreign phrase is, “Chingame como un toro en la zapateria!

  4. Daniel Avatar

    I got Manuel Atractivo… Not kidding. That’s what it said! I like it, attractive is IN the name.

  5. Tim Z. Avatar

    Andy, too bad it doesn’t have Polish. I think you’d make a great Zdzislaw Szczepaniak!

  6. Velociman Avatar

    You are definitely Hernando Rodriguez. It fits you. Or you could just be Rodriguez. Yes. Or just R. Cool.

  7. Velociman Avatar

    I am Americo Iglesias. I like that.

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  9. Hey, Stud.
    Over at Check out Andymatic, and interesting link: The Ethnic Stud Name Generator…

  10.  Avatar

    assd hole

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