American Idol is finally winding down. Note to self: don’t start watching it until the final four. Because now even 3 out of the 4 can sing. Josh the Marine cannot sing. He’s dumpy and has no personality. I’m pulling for Rueben and Clay. Kimberly threw the show last night with some really shitty song choices that didn’t show off her range. I’m trying to figure out how they’re going to dream up a movie for Clay and Rueben (similar to the one they’re gonna ram through the country in a few weeks with Justin and Kelly).

24 on the other hand was pretty good. I think Penny Johnson Herald – I think that’s her name – that plays Sherri Palmer is just fantastic. So wonderful to see such great writing – especially for a black woman’s role – she’s the best ‘ambitious wife’ role since Macbeth. I think that that is so refreshing – that David Palmer’s troubles have nothing to do with his ethnicity. The ending with Kim back at where she started was great – but I still wonder if it’s going to connect back to everything else. I have such faith the writers will have it amplify what has already been happening.

Don’t you love how Clay Aiken does that ‘they really like me’ feigned surprise at each decision point in the song.

I think Paula Abdul could look at a pile of turtle turds on a plate and tell it, ‘you just keep getting better and better every week and you’re just fantastic!’ Christ.

Did 90210 really reflect an entire generation? Christ. I guess I missed out.

Saw a chiropractor today – the one at the gym. Got an adjustment. He says it looks like my right arch is falling. Put in an application for medical insurance tonight – I need to get my right ankle x-rayed soon (stress-fracture last fall). I miss running.

Going home tomorrow night – it’s a double wedding weekend. One on Friday night – one on Saturday afternoon. I think the first one will be trying since it’s a big Catholic family affair. Saturday’s deal should be good – it’s a barbecue.






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