Eat- Pray- Spend

"Priv-lit has transformed Virginia Woolf's "Room of One's Own" into an existential space accessed by way of a very expensive series of actual rooms–a $120-an-hour yoga studio- a cottage in Indonesia- a hip juice bar on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The genre is unique in that it reflects an inversion of its own explicitly expressed value system: Priv-lit tells women they must do expensive things that are good for the body- mind- or soul. But the hidden subtext- and perhaps the most alluring part of the genre for its avid consumers- is the antifeminist idea that women should become healthy so that people will like them- they will find partners- they'll have money- and they'll lose weight and be hot. God forbid a dumpy- lonely- single person should actually try to achieve happiness- health- and balance for its own sake. It's the wolf of the mean-spirited makeover show or the vicious high-school clique in the sheep's clothing of wellness."

Eat- Pray- Spend





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