Drugs and Lies

“I’ve been of the personal opinion that the strident anti-pot messages have been particularly damaging to the goal of keeping kids away from dangerous stuff. Pot is not dangerous. It just isn’t. But adults insist that it is, and scream bloody murder about it, all red-faced with their wattles shaking. Then, when the kids actually try it, they figure out that, yet again, the adults are lying to them, as they so frequently do. So then they ignore the screaming about drugs that are actually dangerous I’m not sure if this is still common parlance, but in my youth, pot was called “a gateway drug”. And I think they’re right about that, but not for the reasons they believe. It’s not that pot automatically leads to heroin, it’s that lying about pot means that kids don’t trust you about heroin. Basing your anti-drug campaign around falsehoods is about as counter-productive a strategy as one could possibly come up with.

Commenter on Metafilter in a thread about drug policy..





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