Dominick's Burned Down

I’d noticed that I’d heard helicopters for more than five minutes. Looked out the window and there was smoke belching up into the sky. Walked down Barry to find Dominick’s burned down. Nothing on the news yet – hopefully nobody hurt. Thank God it wasn’t Stella’s (next door). I guess I’ll be walking to Jewel this summer for my groceries. That’s a lot of lost jobs.

Update: No one died. 1 person with smoke inhalation. Deli worker noticed fire and announce to clear the store before anyone even heard the alarm. Supposedly in the paper goods aisle. 40 customers, 40 workers in store. Pyromaniac escaped from nursing home a few miles away. That or maybe this is a arson to help Dominick’s deal with the store which they’ve been shopping around for a while – blaming increased wages for killing their margin.

Update: (Monday 8:43 AM) The neighborhood still smells like smoke and going and coming back from the gym the street is still closed off and a firetruck is still shooting water into the structure. The roof collapsed inwards.






2 responses to “Dominick's Burned Down”

  1. sven Avatar

    biggest flame trail that i’ve ever seen in boystown….

  2. RcktMan Avatar

    Agreed with Sven… that fire was huge. One has to wonder if it was intentionally set. That was never the greatest of stores. Always seemed to be out of everything.

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