Detroit Press's Stephen Schiavi Blames You for Shitty American Cars

Just on CNN, a Detroit journalists confuses pride with pity:

The people of Detroit have not failed us; we have failed Detroit…. When we buy at the stores that only sell cheap goods made elsewhere, we have only ourselves to blame. When we buy from foreign sources, we have only ourselves to blame. We need each other’s help. We need to listen to each other. We need to respond to each other’s problems, no matter where we live in this country. If we do not, then we have only ourselves to blame.

American car companies stopped innovating and stopped making cars people would buy. It isn’t just price. It is the complete ignorance of the US auto industry to create cars that wreck the environment and are so inefficient that they can’t be sold in other countries. The focus on indulging the gated-community imperative and creating behemoth tanks so Ted-state soccer moms can fantasize about off-roading with the cute gardner.






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  1. JB Avatar

    Heh. Many of our car magazines mention that the US obsession with SUVs is based on pickup technology that hasn’t changed in decades.

    And, yes, most of your cars stand out like a sore thumb on UK roads, particularly the ones that are too wide to travel down a small single-lane road. I only wish we weren’t following your lead with our own lovely soccer moms in their BMW X5s, VW Touregs and Land Rover Discoverys.

    As for my next car…hmmm. Do I go for the Nissan Note ( even though I don’t have any brats, or the futuristic Honda Civic (, which doesn’t look as good in the interior space department…

  2. Max Beatty Avatar
    Max Beatty

    I agree with the fact that the american car industry has not faced up to the real rqmnt of the market. I own a PRIUS which I bought 3 yrs ago, and it is the best car I’ve had for city and short country use in 55 years of driving.

    If the Japanese can do it the Americans should be able to.

  3. foradil…


  4. Tatiana Avatar

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    Tatiana Newcomb

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