DeLay Top Ten

Adapted from list. I wanted to type it out so it makes more sense to me:

  1. DeLay’s daughter and wife were paid $500K+ since 2001 by DeLay PACs and campaign committees. Complaint: payments considered unusually generous.
  2. 1997 trip to Moscow paid for by covert off-shore company that may be a front for Russian companies/seuciryt forces.
  3. 2000 UK/Scotland trip paid for by Indian tribe gambling lobby ($70K).
  4. Grand jury investigation: DeLay’s Texas PAC funneled money to RNC which then shot it back to DeLay – scooting around Texas campaign finance law.
  5. DoJ investigation: DeLay took trip paid for by Korean-US lobbyist.
  6. Tying up loose ends: DeLay purged ethics committee of Republican that think he’s a big asshole. Then changed rules to make beginning investigations more difficult.
  7. DeLay pushes lobbying firms to deny jobs to Democrats.
  8. DeLay kept Medicare bill vote open for 3 hours (overdue 15 minutes) in order to pressure more Repubs to vote for the bill.
  9. Texas redistricting exodus: Democracts fled state to avoid redistricting war, DeLay used FAA to try and track them.
  10. DeLay selling seats at his table to energy company for $56K+.

Also – Flash demo at House of Scandal.

Other assorted assholishness:

The Schiavo garbage and the non-apology.

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