Dear "Oppressed" Trump Supporters

From a Reddit thread:

“I love this, native Americans had their lives systematically destroyed for no reason other than their land, Jews were rounded up and mass murdered because they had different beliefs, blacks were made into slaves over the color of their skin then upon being released to this day still have a stigma against them, homosexuals couldn’t come out without risking being beaten or murdered over something they couldn’t control nor change, transexuals have been made out to all be pedophiles for wanting to use the gender appropriate bathrooms after a full transition, North Koreans live under a violent deranged dictator who gets his kicks by threatening to throw the world into a nuclear apocalypse, Chinese citizens live under extreme censorship without so much as the ability to access the full internet, Japanese citizens were rounded up and thrown into camps in the country they lived in just because of their ethnicity, Mexican children within the US are forced to represent themselves in court at an age where they can’t even read, yet are told they can simply be taught immigration law so they can defend themselves, blacks to this day are shot in cold blood by the police over thinly vieled racism and their murderers face the horrible punishment of paid vacation and reassignment

“Yet here we are, with the trumpeteers, who love calling everyone “triggered snowflakes” yet get their jimmies in a bunch over football players kneeling to protest police violence, trying to convince everyone that they are the most opposed group, because they support a racist, misogynistic, idiotic, xenophobic, flaming pile of garbage and make the compelling arguments for supporting these shitbags as “b…but both sides?!!” Trying to convince themselves that they are the most oppressed group in the world, as they support a man who loves nothing more than oppressing minorities and selling out this country for a quick buck

“I wonder why the reasonable level headed people hate you, because you sold out your own fucking home for some shitbag president in the name of “triggering libtards”

“You shot yourselves in the foot to make sure the gun worked before shooting this country in the heart and delivering a nearly fatal blow

“You continue to relentlessly and blindly support a man alienating us from the world, destroying relationships with long time allies over what can be equated to “I didn’t get my way so fuck you”

“And you continue to support a man hell-bent on exploiting this country for every dime it’s worth, while trying to shut down an investigation into treasonous acts quite possibly committed by the president of these United States, citing “it’s a massive waste of money” when the entire investigation has cost less than Trump has spent golfing on his own fucking course (a world record of wasted money by the way, by an incredibly wide margin, something that Trump and all of you bashed Obama for using a fraction of the amount) and very likely will uncover the biggest scandal this country has ever seen

“Trump is your revenge for Obama, he’s not your leader, he’s not making this country better, he’s not good at his job, he wasn’t even good at his previous jobs. Trump is nothing more than a republican “fuck you” for the Obama administration, and even he realizes this and has made it clear he’s hell-bent on destroying Obama’s work regardless of if it’s universally believed to be good or not

“You turned the running of this country into a fucking sport, where it’s “stand by your team no matter what” and you drafted the biggest disaster the game has ever seen, you’ve actively attempted to destroy this country in the name of upsetting the other side, and now you cry about opression when you’re in the staggering minority who still refuses to open their fucking eyes and realize what a massive mistake you’ve made, who refuses to see just how much you’ve hurt this country you claim so much to love, how you sold out yourself, your family, your friends, your enemies, and every Ally who supports this great nation in the name of “LE TRIGGERED SJW SNOWFLAKES XDDDD” and you wonder why everyone is turning against you, because what you’ve done is reprehensible, unforgivable, and disgusting, but hey at least as you burn in the hell that you’ve created, as you watch the Titanic sink thanks to the glacier you’ve steered it into, you can see all those “triggered sjw snowflakes” go down right?

“You attacked the integrity of this country, and now that the country is fighting back you cry about how you’re being bullied, you make a pathetic attempt to feign innocence and laugh at how “triggered” everyone is, as you sell out your own lives and everyone else’s for absolutely no personal gain, just so you can say “I triggered le snowflakes guys!!!?!!?!” As the man you supported Robs your home blind and destroys it’s relationship with the world. But hey I’m sorry you’re so “oppressed” in having to be called out on your actions like the adults you are, yet refuse to behave like.

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