Day 3 – No CNN

2 days without CNN and I’m doing just fine. The need to have a constant influx of the same 30 minutes of news (advanced one tick per hour) has subsided. I’m listening to Democracy Now on the stationary bike at the gym and then checking my RSS aggregator.

My podcasting course starts today – I’m running the course now partially to force myself to reboot my own podcasts. I think it’ll be a fun course.

I mixed my NO X-PLODE with my green tea powder this morning. Probably a bit too much in one bottle. Yeek.

Walked Richie to work yesterday since he was coming out of the gym the same time I was. I didn’t realize he works so close by.

My place is still a wreck. The bedroom is full of dirty laundry and hardware parts from this weekend’s data recovery extravaganza. I’m going to put all the parts of the old Dell up on eBay just to see what happens. If nobody grabs them I’ll give them away on Freecycle or something.

I’m doing pretty good so far on the Mac Mini. I do miss my right-click. And sometimes I spend a long time trying to remember how to switching between windows of the same application (like Alt-Tab but within the same app – not between apps). The Mini already seems slow sometimes, evidently they have slow hard drives.

I went to bed at 10:10 yesterday or actually got in bed at 10:10 and it is now 8:20. That’s probably too many hours in bed – I think I miscalculated and I was supposed to be up at 6 or so. Wanting to get enforced 8 hours a night and getting up early. I miss getting up early etc.

Kitty in the kitchen eating his Meow Mix. We’re still working through that massive bag.

Ron on his way back tonight I think. He was in Orlando yesterday.

A ton of to-do items fermenting from the holiday week.

Looking forward to December because I can get a little insular and focus on the launches of things for 2007. I’m only delivering the podcasting course in December so I’ll be able to get all the levers in place for a fantastic first quarter. I have tons and tons of creative ideas buzzing around my head and I try to weigh them against doing business activities whose income will free up time to then puruse the creative ideas.






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  1. JB Avatar

    What’s NO X-PLODE? Sounds a bit more fancy than just protein or something…

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