Damaging My Calm

(from Thursday morn)

It is Thursday. I tried to connect to Ron’s wireless network but it isn’t letting me on – not sure why. Even tried a direct connection with one of his ethernet cables but that didn’t work either. IPCONGIF isn’t working and I can’t PING anything.

We finised the Six Figure Blogging course last night. Glad to have finished the course. We got lots of feedback to close the course including someone yelling ‘I love Darren and Andy!’ which is pretty much the teleseminar equivalent of a flying pair of panties.

Now comes the usual decision. Do I leave Ron’s place and start the day or wait for him to wake up so we can have breakfast. I feel guilty either way. He likes to sleep in late which drives me absolutely batty. Though yesterday we were up at around 7. I just feel like waking up late means I’ve missed half the day.

I really think it is ridiculous that we are trying Saddam for crimes he committed while we were his best pal. I guess I should amend that – ‘they’ are trying Saddam for crimes while we were his best pal. Is there not a more recent crime he could be charged with? This an extension of the WMD-no-wait-liberty-freedom bait and switch. I also wonder if there’ll be any testimony about US assistance/foreknowledge in any of this stuff. Will they just conveniently not translate it for an English speaking audience?

I am utterly, deliciously excited at the downfall of Tom Delay. He rose from the gutter and I hope he descends and drowns into a tepid well of his own metaphorical feces. The only thing that would make it all better would be to see Karl Rove indicted and thrown into prison to have daily invasions of his mind, body and spirit. And if Cheney gets indicted I might just take the week off and eat Krispy Kremes.

The accountant should be back to me in a few more days with the audit for the year of my ecommerce system. I’m hoping we can track down the missing money from the credit card payment gateway. I’m starting to work on plans to build my newsletter up in time for the book publication. I want to get it up to at least 10,000. I get all atingle thinking that I might be able to get it up to like 20,000 or more. Waiting to hear back from the agent to ensure that the contract I FedExed has been sent on to the publisher. Hurry up and wait.

I’m writing up a dance card for people I want to work with in 2006. I need this because I forget all the cool, connected and talented people that I know and there’s so many of them I want to collaborate with.

Ron and I got our haircuts by Maria two nights ago. If I could get a haircut every day,  I would. Such a sense of renewal. I know it sounds weird.

This hurricane business is crazy. The strongest storm ever in this hemisphere? The only time the barometric pressure has been lower was a typhoon in Japan.

Ron got cable so we’ve found ourselves watching lots of educational TV. We hit the jackpot two nights ago with one on Roswell and then an ER trauma show. Then last night we watched a HIstory channel thing about engineering disasters – like the PATRIOT missle system bug that made the missile miss a SCUD and it killed a slew of soldiers (boiling down to teh fact that the system needs to be rebooted every 8 hours). Before that it was a special on the transition from the Bronze to the Iron age. I think the ultimate would be a combination Roswell and JFK assassination conspiracy with Elvis, the World Bank and 9/11 for good measure.

I think I know why I like The Situation Room on CNN so much. It is like watching an episode of 24 with all the split screen video projections.

I love that Bush knew Karl did the leak and then lied that he didn’t know about it in that press conference. Squirm on that stake. Burn witch burn!

Sometimes I think Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakahn are just starfucking famewhores.

(Friday morning)

At the cafe. We ended up having V_____ with us while we had breakfast at Stella’s. He had seen us the night before at the Caribou. He walked by Stella’s and we invited him to have tea while we ate breakfast. He came in and announced

You two are so Parisian! Always at cafes… having tea, writing on your laptops… eating while the proles go to work.

Cracked me up. V_____  is a true find. He’s a former Catholic priest and a PhD in Psychology who is from South Africa and was involved in the anti-apartheid movement. He’d been unemployed for about six months and was cleaning apartments. That’s how shitty things can be in the States. A frigging PhD in Psych, a man involved with the solidarity movement – cleaning apartments. Not that anybody is particularly above cleaning apartments – I remember when we all first moved to Chicago, Karen and I thought for sure we wouldn’t be able to find jobs and we’d planned on seeing if we could clean apartments on the side. What a difference eight years makes. It was great to talk with V_____ – I’d wanted Ron and him to meet for a while. They waxed poetic on the sorry state of customer service here in the United States, comparing it to Europe where people seem to at least pretend to give a crap.

Jesus this chick at the Caribou working the counter talks so damned loud. Maybe I’m just a stuck up asshole.

Gonna sort through email here for an hour or so and then head back home and do a slew of client work. I took yesterday off effective since Ron was working all weekend.

Darren and I are already formulating to follow-up courses on bloggy stuff. I’m trying to plug all the gaps in knowledge until I truly have an entire curriculum of courses, experts and expertise.

Ron and I went to see Serenity yesterday. Neither of us are Firefly fans but I’d heard it was solid sci-fi. I like the guy name Jayne. My favorite line was his: ‘This girl is damaging my calm.’

God I have gas. I think from the California Pizza Kitchen feasting we did yesterday. I had the sweet italian sausage pizza. We gorged. It was yummy.

I bought The Prodigy’s new album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, on iTunes. It is alright. The first track rocks, ‘Spitfire’. The lyrics of course make no sense but the opening is how a song is supposed to start: lilting female vocal and a scar-tissue-tearing bass slam. That song is worth a 99-cent download.






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  1. Jack Avatar

    Lets get G W indicted too, that’s where this all started and that’s where it should end! Jack

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