CPB Gutted by House Bill

What Newt Gingrich began years ago is finally coming to a head: House Appropriations Committee has voted to zero-out funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

We’re talking about $1.20 per person in the United States of America to support Public Broadcasting.

[O]nce stations start to go off the air, those stations in the aggregate send money to PBS to support programming. So you have a double hit. You have the stations unable to support national programming, CPB unable to support it. That has an impact on membership. Pretty soon you have a spiral of death for Public Broadcasting.


[I]nvestigators at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are examining more than $14,000 in payments made under contract to a man who compiled reports on the political views and backgrounds of guests appearing on the PBS program, “Now,” with Bill Moyers. The paper is saying that the CPB Chair, Kenneth Tomlinson, took the unusual step of signing the contracts personally. The Inspector General looking at the contracts signed by Tomlinson with a man named Fred Mann, to monitor the political leanings of “Now.” Mann is listed in the contract as living in Indianapolis, and officials at CPB say they knew nothing about him?

From Democracy Now.






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