Cough For Me

It is Wednedsay night. Ron’s in Denver tonight, I think. He gets in to Chicago tomorrow around midnight.

The barista at Caribou is sitting next to me complaining. It is very warm in here. She left to go back behind the counter.

Went to the doctor today for a yearly checkup. Dodged the prostate check since I’m under 40 but I do have to go to the dermatologist to get all these moles looked at. I know to watch out for them changing shape, pulsating or voting Republican as signs that they might become malignant. I did have to wear one of those paper gowns so I felt like a giant napkin. Or maybe a human doily.

Special thanks to the alcoholics we’re displacing at the book party. They evidently double-booked the back room so but Michael is going to take responsibility and see if they want to sit elsewhere or simply call of their weekly meeting. I’d hate for one of the newbie AA-ers to stumble into my book reception and suddenly find themselves in a non-teetotaller environment. Is that how you write that?

Did I talk about running into Christopher on the street? He’s starting a new club for guys that are in recovery from alcoholism and are trying to figure out what’s next – besides jumping to doing drugs. So I summed it up: ‘So the question is: can you still be a freak on a leash without a monkey on your back?’ He’s very excited about the book and I do hope he comes to the party.

I am nervous about the panel I’m presenting on for Tuesday in Santa Fe. It’s two corporate guys, a PR guy from Edelman and me – representing the solo pro/entrepreneur and blogging.







5 responses to “Cough For Me”

  1. big sis Avatar
    big sis

    Don’t you mean “Turn your head and cough” ?

  2. Andy Avatar

    I didn’t have to turn my head. Not sure why.

  3. bro-in-law Avatar

    The only reason they make you turn your head is so you won’t see the doctor dipping his hands in ice water before he grabs for your sack.

  4. big sis Avatar
    big sis

    yeah, well, at least you don’t get a cold metal speculum up your thing once a year. 😉

  5. bro-in-law Avatar

    Yeah, I get a hot lubed finger. Much better.

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