Constance McMillen Is Makes Me Hopeful

The young gay woman that just wanted to take her girlfriend to prom (and the high school decided to cancel the prom) is back home:

When it first started, I just wanted to take my girlfriend to prom, you know? I thought it might make the local news and maybe help future LGBT students at Itawamba because hopefully they wouldn’t have to put up with what I did. I sure didn’t expect any of this kind of attention. … If I didn’t have the support from my family that I have, my goodness, there’s no way, no way, I would be doing this. I’ve been out to them since eighth grade. And, you know, they don’t agree with it, but they’re going to love me regardless and they’re going to support me regardless. They’re not going to hate me or shun me. But personally they don’t believe in it. Because they’re Christians. They think that being Christian means they can’t say it’s okay. My grandmother doesn’t believe in it, I know that, but she supports me anyway. I don’t know how my daddy feels about religion.

Constance McMillen Is Back in Fulton, Mississippi, Is Super Grateful for Your Support, and Wants You to Be Nice


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