Conserve Maybe?

Talked with Karen this morning which managed to include the malaprop ‘self-defecating’ and the plural of the word ‘scotum’ (which would be ‘scrota’). She said she’s feeling the gas prices and trying to car pool in to work in San Diego. She noticed the same thing I am.


Nobody in Congress is stating the obvious. There’s a reason why no other country has SUVs – they all adopted higher fuel efficiency years ago.

‘More more more!’ and ‘War war war!’ are the pillar, parallels and perils of our modern times.

I’ve got a TON more to say on this after reading American Theocracy so I’ll save it for that.

Oh and:

ConocoPhillips said Wednesday profit rose 13 percent as stronger exploration and production results yielded the best first-quarter earnings since Phillips Petroleum and Conoco combined in 2002.

ExxonMobil? The Texas behemoth reported a profit of $8.4 billion, on the heels of record earnings of $10.7 billion in the previous quarter.

And how much were those subsidies in the energy bill? Oh, that’s right: $84 billion.

I’m gonna type that again: Eighty-four billion dollars in corporate welfare from you, the friendly American taxpayer.

In the Senate: The final vote was 85 to 12, with 49 Republicans, 35 Democrats and one independent voting in support of the measure. Thanks guys!






2 responses to “Conserve Maybe?”

  1. Geoman Avatar

    The Railroiad system in this country prior to WWII was the equal of anywhere else in the world. Eisenhower came back from Europe after seeing Hitler’s road system and taxed the hell out of the railroads in an effort to duplicate those ‘super-highways’ – he succeeded but broke the railroad infastructure – trucking companies, big oil and the automobile industry ( manufacturers & dealers) are fighting and lobbying against bringing anything that looks like decent rail passenger service back. Look at the quality and service of European rail. It is supported by the government. We are being screwed in more than one way,and not only by big oil in collusion with the current administration. SHAME

  2. JB Avatar

    Just thought I’d add a pedantic correction (and no, it’s not that ‘scotum’ should be ‘scrotum’) in that we also have SUVs, although, granted, for the most part our vehicles are a lot smaller than yours. Most of ours are used for the school run, from what I can tell, or for commuting in our lovely overcrowded cities. Anything you can do, we can do stupider 🙂

    Funnily enough this morning I was having a quick look at the cost of an LPG conversion for my car. Apparently it would cost £2000 but would save £650 per year. Tempting, but I think going back to cycling to/from work is going to be a better solution for me.

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