Connie Chung Says Goodbye

Maury and Connie’s show got cancelled. Yep – they had a show. I caught it once. Yeek. Though I did like her interview on Colbert. Nothing can prepare you for Ms. Chung in a prom dress atop a grand piano singing Thanks for the Memories. Listen for the grunt when she jumps off the piano.






5 responses to “Connie Chung Says Goodbye”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    Oh Connie! That was a cute bit that went embarrassingly and career-killingly too long.

  2. sam Avatar

    That was not cute.

  3. brother in law Avatar
    brother in law

    Ouch. That was just ugly.

  4. David Avatar

    how …awkward.

  5. Jake Avatar

    I don’t know who should be killed first: her voice coach, her writer, her choreographer, her producer or her ancestors.

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