Complete Asshole Andrew Natsios to Head Up Darfur Envoy

Andrew Natsios who impressed everybody with his mis-management of Boston’s Big Dig and his racist and incorrect views as an AIDS czar, is now back heading a special enjoy to Darfur.

It gets better:

As director of U.S. Agency for Intenational Development Natsios promised that the U.S. contribution to reconstruction of Iraq would be no more that $1.6 billion. Congress has already appropriated nearly $20 billion for reconstruction in Iraq. The CBO estimates the total cost of reconstruction will be between $50 and $100 billion.

Bush is so passionate about ending the genocide that he has blocked the campaign to put pressure on Sudan over the issue.






One response to “Complete Asshole Andrew Natsios to Head Up Darfur Envoy”

  1. Moral Volcano Avatar

    You are right about Nastios. He is a real life C.M. Burns (The Simpsons.)

    However, you are wrong about Sudan.


    “I believe the best kept secret has been the hidden hand of the United States government, financing, funding and arming third party countries to facilitate and perpetuate the war hitting Sudan. There needs to be an independent investigation of our intelligence coordination, against insurgent groups in the country.

    It is hypocritical for the United States government to speak of genocide and human rights abuses by the Sudanese government when, at the same time, they are covertly funding the insurgence and rebel groups in the country opposed to the government, which only serves to perpetuate the murder, the mayhem and the destruction of the human rights of the Sudanese people.”

    The U.S. does not care about the rebels or the people that the rebels claim to be fighting for. They want unhindered access to the sea of oil under Darfur.

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