We edit out sex, We edit out sex, nudity, violence, and profanity! You send us your videos or give us permission to buy them for you and we edit them and send them to you.

They don’t have Basic Instinct or Natural Born Killers. Damn!






3 responses to “ We edit out sex,”

  1. Billyjoe Avatar

    After reading some of the posted comments, I must protest in support of “Cleanflicks” and its cause. To argue that it is wrong to edit objectionable content for the sake of protecting young minds, because they are going to be exposed to such things anyway, makes no sense. Children take their cues from what their parents say and do. By providing a wholesome environment, parents prepare children to value what is proper and what is not. This sets the stage for developing young minds. A caring and loving parent provides a sure footed foundation so that as a child grows and develops, they have a wholesome set of standards on which to make choices that will benefit them as they mature and in their adult life as well. It’s a forgone conclusion that a child’s exposure to obscenities and immorality, etc. is innevitable since the world today continues to become more and more debased. It is vital then that parents should be more determined than ever to do all thay can to help their children develop good principles and wholesome standards. There is nothing more important or beneficial a parent can do for their children. And as they grow, your children will thank you – many times over.

  2. christeen Avatar

    What are you talking about? Cleanflicks is a good thing

  3. t94xr Avatar

    CLEANFLICKS makes me sick!
    Ok some censorship is ok, but the amount that is edited in the CleanFlicks stores! They make me sick. Why spend extra money to prevent ur kids learning a word their going to learn at school, work, in basically in society, before their 12/13 yrs of age. Thats sick.
    You might as well stop sex ed classess, for children about 10yrs old, and let them think their sick when their periods arrive or even dying.
    To much censorship can screw with a childs mind and give them the wrong idea of the world — A world where “fuck” is what sick people say. “fuck” has different meanings, and its been proven in studies you cannot live in society without saying it.

    I haven’t seen any of these edited movies, and would be interested to know exactly what gets edited out. I am writing a report on the potential copyright violation of CleanFlicks, and would appreciate any information. THank you.

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