Christmas Day

It is almost midnight on Christmas Day. I can’t sleep. I’ve managed not to get too antsy about getting back home and starting the new year – but it’s starting to build inside me. That or it could be the sugar binge I’ve been on the past few days is starting to take it’s toll. I have tried to cut the sugar with bouts of brocolli or vegetables in a sandwich. But, I think the toffee intake trumps all responsible eating.

Ron was sour on the phone this morning because everybody else was having Christmas and he wasn’t – he had to work. I didn’t bring up the fact that I think part of his fucking up his schedule for the month was this. I think he was just mean when he woke up – he was in a much better mood. He’d gone ‘illegal’ so he couldn’t work any more for today. They may fly him tomorrow. I hope not.

I feel like I’ve become so rudimentary lately. I also feel like I need friends. Brigitte and I have drifted. Matt and I. Karen and I. Alan and I. I need to get back in touch with my high school buddies. I need to rebuild these support networks. I think that that is very important.

I was going to shave my head as soon as I got home – but I think I’ll wait until after that teleconference on the 19th. I think I should have that be me as my normal persona. I also thought of growing a beard as well. I need changes. I need to schedule weekly massages with Patrick.

And the ebook. I think it is going to be fantastic. I have to drop in the rest of the tutorials tomorrow and then write a couple more new topics and then I’ll be ready for proofreading. I still don’t totally know what to do with Hal’s stuff. I suppose I can make it an ecourse of some sort or something. I can definitely rip out all the top ten lists and update them and do something with them. I need get myself networked among all the blogging guru-types.

I need to start taking pictures all the time with Ron’s digital camera. I have got to recover my creative spirit. I have got to get radical again. I always seem to make all of these grand pronouncements going into each year. What makes this time different? Maybe I should really just focus on this ebook thing.






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