Christian Persecution and Fundamentalist Theology

“There’s a very good historical reason that large numbers of North American Christians feel “persecuted”: persecution is a central feature of fundamentalist theology, and fundamentalism has become extremely influential through its rebellious child named neo-evangelicalism (what most Americans these days just call evangelicalism). Fundamentalism began as a reaction against the mainstream and prides itself on its separation from the mainstream and on its supposed faithfulness to biblical truth over against mainstream “modernist” (liberal) compromise. The feeling of persecution, in fact, becomes in the fundamentalist mind a confirmation that they’re being faithful. Pointing out to them the fact that they live amongst a Christian majority is fruitless, because because it’s not only (or even mainly) non-Christians who are supposedly the ones doing the persecuting. It’s other Christians: “liberals” and Catholics. It’s those who “compromise” the truth of the Gospel who are the real source of trouble in the fundamentalist mind.”

Pinkfish_411 comments on To Christians: Why do you think you’re persecuted?.





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