Chicago Gas Prices Hit $3.09 helps me keep a daily tab on the ever increasing toll of a car-worshipping society.






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  1. Gigamatt Avatar

    Love that network of sites. is in my bookmarks toolbar.

  2. Tim of the Tims Avatar

    The whole gas price issue is bogus. Who is setting the price for gas? I’mc currently working on a Economic Text book. One of the idea’s of the economy that is taught is that as demand for a product goes up, the price goes down.

    Clearly, that is not happening. Demand for gas is at a record high, as always during this time of year, and will drop after Labor Day. Because many people take a vacation at this time of year.

    Though if you watch the news, they say that several refinery plants have had shut downs, causeing the supply to get small, there are no signs of any type of gas shortage. I’ve yet to see a news story saying, Gas Stations Runs Dry. There is plenty of gas.

    On top of that, there are cars out there that run on animal and vegitable oil! I’m not kidding, bacon grease works! Pigs and chickens and soy oil is a completely renewable resource! Why can’t some billionare get behind this, or if the oil companies and car companies where smart, get behind it! I’d have more respect for oil companies if the own both crude and chicken oil companies!

    Switching to animal/veggie based auto fuel would creat more jobs! There is only so much crude oil in the world. Not all of it is reachable. Think of all the land that soy or animals could be raised on that currently isn’t being use. You could easily employee more people to farm and raise animals then you probablly employee to drill for oil.

    It’s mind numbing to think how little this countries top business men think.

  3. Gigamatt Avatar

    I’d feel better if I knew the extra money was being funneled into research and development (and marketing) of more efficient engines instead of executive pockets. Even 12 years ago, we had engines in common, inexpensive cars which were getting 36 miles to the gallon. Where did this technology go? Common cars are getting 20-24 miles to the gallon these days, so where are the engines which got better mileage?

    My 1993 Geo Metro got (consistently) 54 MPG. 54! I had that car for 9 years, and if I’d had $600 more at the time, I would’ve kept it. (I’m actually looking for one again now). My current 4cyl gets 18-22mpg, which is ridiculous, since my dad’s 1993 Beretta got 36mpg for the entire 7 years he owned it, and compared to a current Cavalier, it was a tank.

  4. moby Avatar

    Makes me glad I sold my car when I moved to SF. I have a scooter now. My gas costs about $5.00 every two weeks.

  5. the Shell on Dixie Avatar the Shell on Dixie

    When Gas gets at $4.50 The US will open the Bush Corp Gas Companies in the west and we will all have all the gas we need.I read an article that the USA is selling gas to China and Japan so we can make more money…Time to chang a timing belt…………time for gas to go up!!

  6. Amanda Avatar

    How do you fix your car to run on veggie oil. Please reply because I ‘m doing this for a class project

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