Cheney Chides Americans for Not Saving

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Vice President Dick Cheney urged Americans Thursday to do a better job of saving and challenged policymakers to strengthen pensions and fix Social Security to help people in their golden years.


On their 2004 federal income-tax returns, which the White House released Friday, the vice president and his wife, Lynne Cheney, reported $1,328,678 in earnings last year ….

And even better:

Average family incomes fell in the USA from 2001 to 2004, pulled down by a sluggish recovery from the downturn and the sharp stock market drop, the Federal Reserve said Thursday. The decline — the first since 1989-92 — was accompanied by the smallest increase in net worth in that period.






10 responses to “Cheney Chides Americans for Not Saving”

  1. Kevin-Andrew Avatar

    Heh, heh. What an ass.

  2. Kevin-Andrew Avatar

    Heh, heh. He’s such a moron.

  3. Kevin-Andrew Avatar

    Huh. How did I do that?

  4. Geoman Avatar

    Let’s see…minimun wages haven’t been raised in how long??? …don’t know about you but I work for a small city in the South and our wages have been pretty much frozen (no raises) for the last 5 years. Gas prices up, grocery prices up, electricity up, natural gas and heating oil prices up. For clothing we pretty much have to shop at thrift stores. My thermostat is set at 62 degrees and the bills are still outrageous. My bank account is stripped. What does this bastard want me to do???

  5. Spencer Avatar

    did you go to the blogger “bash”?

  6. David Avatar

    What a fucking asshole.

  7. Matt Blank Avatar

    I read an article that showed that if the increases in CEO pay (such as Cheney’s) had been matched with increases to the minimum wage, the minimum wage would be $14.40. Since the 70s a 400% increase in executive pay has happened compared to employee wages. To quote a most fantastic news report, “Fuck off Mr Cheney.”

  8. Erin Avatar

    I think it’s the state that mandates the ‘minimum’ wage. You can see case in point at the Department of Labor Site (you can view wages by state)… if you were living in Oregon where the minimum wage is adjusted annually in accordance with inflation – their current minimum is $7.50 you may have a chance to eat at that rate.

    If you look at families who actually make minimum wage, you’ll find that most of them are on state support (i.e. welfare, foodstamps, medicaid, etc.). Ultimately, we’re all paying a hefty price for not paying people a live-able wage.

    I also find it interesting that CEO’s incomes have increased so dramatically over time. Charles Handy, a social philosopher/management scholar, talks in great lengths about the management of organizations – how to make them work, why they’re not working.. even why we’re moving to a self-employed society (which he anticipated years before others did). He talks about ‘citizen-companies’ – definately something you should read a bit. Here’s an easy-to-digest interview that touches on this type of organization.

    Definately food for thought.

  9. A.Rammo Avatar

    Well, we have just another piece of evidence of Cheney’s membership in the real ‘Axis of Evil’ club. He is right about one thing though; he chides Americans for not saving….. What Americans need to do is to save themselves from him. The irony of the words and the actual realization of this in deed would indeed save Americans.

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