Charles Krauthammer on Guantanamo Bay

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Moreover, shutting down Guantanamo will solve nothing.

And opening up Guantanamo has solved nothing except for us to thumb our nose at the rest of the world by creating a legal limbo where no international standards applied.

We will capture more terrorists, and we will have to interrogate them, if not at Guantanamo then somewhere else.

I’m sure we can always outsource them to Egypt and Syria like we’re doing already with our fleet of kidnapping planes.

Moreover, what were the Korans doing there in the first place? The very possibility of mishandling Korans arose because we gave them to each prisoner. What kind of crazy tolerance is this? Is there any other country that would give a prisoner precisely the religious text that that prisoner and those affiliated with him invoke to justify the slaughter of innocents?

Do terrorists who bomb abortion clinics get to read the Bible in prison?

Civil libertarians, who have been dogged in making sure that FBI-collected Guantanamo allegations are released to the world, seem exquisitely sensitive to mistreatment of the Koran. A rather selective scrupulousness. When an American puts a crucifix in a jar of urine and places it in a museum, civil libertarians rise immediately to defend it as free speech.

Piss Christ was not in the context of incarceration, punishment or torture and was an artistic work.

And when someone makes a painting of the Virgin Mary, smears it with elephant dung and adorns it with porn, not only is that free speech, it is art

The dung was a statement of fertility – honoring the Blessed Mother.

Should the United States apologize? If there were mishandlings of the Koran, we should say so and express regret.

We don’t make mistakes and we don’t apologize.

And that should be in the context of our remarkably humane and tolerant treatment of the Guantanamo prisoners,

Please – I’m trying to eat my cereal.

and in the context of a global war on terrorism (for example, the campaign in Afghanistan) conducted with a discrimination and a concern for civilian safety rarely seen in the annals of warfare.

This keeps coming up. That international standards of human rights don’t apply to suspected terrorists. That because They done blowed up them trade towers. that we get to do whatever the hell we want.

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  1. kc Avatar

    that that prisoner and those affiliated with him invoke to justify the slaughter of innocents? – Krauthammer

    I’d like to see Krauthammer prove this.

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