Caring for the Wounded in Iraq

X-ray of a mangled leg.

from Caring for the Wounded in Iraq (very graphic images – not safe for work).






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  1. DAN Avatar

    For my Christmas present for me i got the box set of a Band of Brother.It is the on going story of one company of soldiers that were together from D-day to VE-Day.We have always ask the young men to step up and fight for freedom. When we in danger the people came from all ove to support the troops.
    We are now in a war for big business.Many of the readers of this site could relate to The Pentagon Papers. Vietnam was also a war for money..
    The movie has many scenec that cause one to reflect.The last volume has the actual men that fought in the war and their reflections on battle.Kick back and see some real heros…….

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