Cannabilism: History, Perspective and Taxonomy

Fished this out of a MeFi thread on cannibalism and sadism.

Court TV’s Crime Library: Cannibalism






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  1. h Avatar

    Mortuary cannibalism (ritualistic eating of the dead by the community of which they are apart) seems to make a lot of sense in world views where everything is one. By eating the body, the community takes the dead person’s essence back into itself and honors the life of the person.

    Communities which practice this are generally mortified by the idea of locking up a body in a box and burying it in the ground where it has no further connection to the community and cannot be honored properly. They find it uncivilized and degrading to the dead.

    This is not killing someone to eat them. This is eating the body and blood of those who have died. Think about the symbolism of the host and tell me there’s not an echo there of the same thing.

    It’s an act of honoring the dead, not degrading them.

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    john buckel

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