Calf Cramps

I had that dream again where I haven’t attended a high school math class all semester and haven’t done any of the work or any of the tests. I am wondering how I’m going to tell mom and dad that I’m failing a math class because I never actually attended.

I put together the new TV table yesterday. I think Ron will like it.

I’d put the TV on the couch while I changed out the old TV cabinet. It almost fell on the floor. That would have been an adventure. I think when I lifted the TV from the floor to the new TV table I definitely used my legs as I lifted: I woke up in the middle of the night with a huge cramp in my right calf and screaming.

Watched lots of the Dark Angel marathon yesterday. The show had lots of good ideas but never really seemed to get compelling. Though it did introduce the world to the charms of Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly (who I thought was Adam Pascal when the show premiered).






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  1. JB Avatar

    Damn, I hate those. I only ever get cramps in my calves, and usually only the right one. Stretching seems to stop it happening, but damn, it hurts!

    I end up leaping out of the bed, with bf muttering something like “Whu..whuzzat?” while I stamp and hop around the room in agony.

  2. Joe Avatar

    I hate them too. They say that some extra potassium helps to prevent them…Have a banana before bedtime!

  3. Glenda Watson Hyatt Avatar

    Hmm, interesting. I’ve had a similar, recurring dream about high school science class. Any clue what it means?

  4. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Because banannas go off so quickly and Hizzoner hates the smell of the fresh kind, I keep a few packs of Trader Joe’s (dehydrated) “Bananna, Flattened” in the pantry. Great snackin’, doesn’t smell apparently as awful to Hizzoner as the fresh kind (anathema – I love the scent of banannas!) and they make great hiking chewies!

    Glenda, twenty-five years as a therapist talking here: Recurring dreams about frustrations in adolescent schooling situations are usually to do with:

    (a) self-concept including self-esteem
    (b) feelings of general inadequacy progressed from the period dreamed about
    (c) difficulty with completion of a project in the present

    Hope this helps…

  5. Glenda Watson Hyatt Avatar

    Interesting, Maryam. I don’t doubt (c) is the major factor. I often feel like I can’t keep up with life and am about to drop a ball. Strange how we seek our parents’ approval, even at our age!

    Good tip to keep banana chips on hand. Fresh bananas never last long.

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