By the Book

“The law be damned, what you think is right and wrong is how you live your life. Most people live that way. But I am held to a higher standard, so I cannot. I am sworn to uphold the constitution and the laws of the Country and of the State. I do not, and I can not, prescribe to that mindset that you, and many people, have. I have to follow the law, personally and professionally. If I think something should not be illegal, tough shit. My opinion doesn’t matter, the law does. If I violate those laws personally, I cannot go to my Chief and say “But sir, I believe these laws are immoral and wrong!” I will be terminated and criminally prosecuted anyway. If I think something SHOULD be illegal and it is not, tough shit. I can’t throw people in jail for something I think is wrong but is not illegal. … While I am sure you are focusing on this one issue, you have to look at the big picture. You do not want a police force that applies each officers personal standards, as opposed to the law. Because there will be a lot of officers out there who have different moral standards than you, and you definitely would not be happy with them enforcing those standards on you even when the law does not apply. The law is the standard we live by.”

 IAmA Police Officer in Arizona, AMAA.






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