Bush's 78K Acre Hideaway in Paraguay

No doubt the shelter when The Hague comes calling:

Here’s a fun question for Tony Snow: Why might the president and his family need a 98.840-acre ranch in Paraguay protected by a semi-secret U.S. military base manned by American troops who have been exempted from war-crimes prosecution by the Paraguyan government?






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    ASSUMPTION – Jenna Bush, one of the daughters of American president George W. Bush, left Paraguay Tuesday after making one pasantía of ten days within the program of attendance to poor children of the Unicef.

    A report given to the AP by Cecilia Sirtori, spokesman of the dependent organism of the United Nations, clarified that “for security reasons and to protect the privacy of the pasante, for Unicef was not possible to reveal its activities “.

    The daughter of Bush, of 24 years of age, arrived the night of the 7 of October in a commercial flight coming from Buenos Aires.

    Jenna visited the home Juan Pablo II, who lodges orphaned children, carrying of the VIH, to talk with the people in charge “to know its activities attendance. Unicef cooperates with this institution because, by the fragility of his conditions of health, they cannot attend schools to receive basic primary education “.

    The document reported, in addition, that the pasante visited villages of the Enxet ethnic group, in the Boreal Chaco, to about 140 kilometers to the west of Asuncio’n.

    “It had opportunity to see the conditions of life of the natives of the communities White Wood, Yatnata and the Inheritance “, punished by the drought and where Unicef develops a program of construction of rain tanks to store rainwater .

    Sirtori requested excuses to means of press “by not to have responded to its requirements on the pasante ” but “the security of Jenna was a priority “.

    Anyway, some newspapers of Asuncio’n could photograph it days back leaving restaurants where it proved typical meals of the country.

    Matutinal the Nation, on the other hand, spread the version confirmed nor not denied by no official organism, on a field of 40 thousand hectares whose proprietor would be the father of the visitor.

    The land located to the north of Asuncio’n in the neighborhoods of the border with Bolivia and Brazil, not , would be in the name of the Foundation Mother country but one of its protectors or collaborator he would be the American agent chief executive.

    The destiny did not inquire into the daughter of president Bush.

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    Bush is establishing a self-sufficient feudal estate for his friends and family to live on when the hard times hit the rest of the world. These problems will be energy-driven, reflecting, in part, the failure of Bush policies to make the U.S. and its trading partners energy independent. Note that Bush has initiated no viable alternative energy programs, whereas the recent ethanol initiative is chiefly intended to supplement continued use of hydrocarbon resources at unrealistic levels just as they become increasingly scarce. Note also that Bush intends to integrate expanded ethanol production into the broader family business. He seems to be hedging his bets, knowing that the bottom could fall out at any moment, with Paraguay to run to if his ethanol-hydrocarbon ideations fail to bear fruit. And of course they won’t. Has Bush ever succeeded at anything? The question borders on the rhetorical.

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