Bush to Congress: F___ You

 From MeFi:

As expected, President Bush bypassed the confirmation process and made a recess appointment to elevate John Bolton to the post of US ambassador to the United Nations, brushing off what he calls "partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators."







One response to “Bush to Congress: F___ You”

  1. Pfalz prophet Avatar
    Pfalz prophet

    Bush being consistent. Lazy, petulant, insensitive, amoral, unconcerned with the history of his office. Totally out of his element, except perhaps for elite patrician privilege; spoiled. Consequences? same response as your title: fuck ’em, I’m the preznit, I’m the only one that matters. Bolton? Reward for his service in getting us into Iraq (multiple meanings here, can’t resist nature). Pornographic President.

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